Simple & Flexible Pricing.

Diarupt AI can have real-time intelligent video conversations with realistic human avatars in various scenarios, including interviews, interactive surveys, educational sessions, and more.

Starters Plan
$50 / Month
10 Pod hours included
Manual Scaling
Up to 2 active Pods at a time
Up to 4 concurrent AI interactions
$5.5/ Pod hour for additional hours
Pro Plan
$100 / Month
120 Pod hours included
Auto Scaling
Up to 10 active Pods at a time
Up to 20 concurrent AI interactions
$5 / Pod hour for additional hours
Enterprise Plan
Unlimited hours
Auto Scaling
Unlimited active pods
Unlimited concurrent AI interactions
Volume discount for additional Pod hours

Diarupt AI Engine is primarily priced by Pod hours. Pods are dedicated Diarupt Interactive AI Engine deployments for each account or team.

AI interactions are served from the team's or account's deployed Pods. You can always shut down or start your Pods whenever you like.


What are Pods?

To serve AI Interactions, you need to deploy a Pod on the dashboard.

Pods are dedicated instances of Diarupt Interactive AI Engine deployed for your team.

If you have 1 Pod deployed for 1 hour, you've used 1 Pod hour. If you 2 Pods running for 1 hour, you've used 2 Pod hours.

A Pod can support two simultaneous AI interactions at a time.

Note that Pods are charged in hours, so if you have a Pod running for less than an hour, you'll still be charged a full hour. This is due to the cost of provisioning on-demand GPU machines.

Is there a free plan?

Unfortunately, we currently don't have a free plan.

AI interaction runs on very powerful GPUs (which are expensive) to support the fluidity and real-time of the conversations. We are also very early, and for this reason, we can't offer a free plan.

How can I manage my spending?

You can set your spend limit in your team settings. Once you reach your spending limit, we will stop your request.