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Diarupt AI can have a real-time intelligent video conversation with realistic human avatars in a variety of scenarios, including interviews, interactive surveys, educational sessions, and more. Learn more

AI Interaction Sessions are tracked per second used interacting with the AI.

Diarupt Interactive AI - Gen 1 is charged at $0.00085/1 second


What is an Interaction session?

An interaction session is the time between when you start a conversation with Diarupt Interactive AI and when you end the conversation.

How will I know how many seconds I've used?

Log into your account and proceed to your usage tracking dashboard. This page will show you how many sessions you've used as well as how many seconds you used in total daily.

How can I manage my spending?

You can set your spend limit in your team settings. Once you reach your spending limit, we will stop your request from going through.

Does the Playground usage count against my usage?

Yes, we treat playground usage the same as regular API-based usage.

Is there a free trial?

Once we approve your account, we give a $5 credit equivalent to ~6000 sec or ~100 mins.