Building the Future of AI Interactions

AI has come a long way, and it's been extremely useful in so many ways, but it has been limited because we can only interact through text. We want to change that.

Building the Future of AI Interactions

Interacting with AI through text-only channels leaves much to be desired in terms of experience and possible use cases, as people naturally interact through speech, signs, and sight.

Our Story

In mid-2023, We started out trying to build a recruitment product with autonomous AI-led interviews, which would reduce the workload of recruiters by multiple factors.

As we started to dig in, we soon realised there was no platform we could integrate to help us build fluid video or voice-based conversations into our product, which was core to what we were trying to develop.

We set out to build it ourselves, and soon, we realised why no one was building it; replicating natural conversation flow wasn't a walk in the park,  but we were ready to face the challenge and make something beautiful.

What we believe

User experience is an ever-important aspect of any technology. We believe the same is true for AI, and our goal is to make our experiences and interactions with AI in our everyday lives as seamless and natural as possible.

Be Part of the Journey.

We are excited about the journey ahead and even more excited to build it with you. Come along; let's build something beautiful together. Learn more at and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at